Darjeeling: 1 Rue des Colonels Renard, Paris 75017

We made plans to meet up with another married couple who live in the 17th arrondissement for dinner at a very popular Indian restaurant.  I had even heard about how good this restaurant is from a friend who lives in NYC.  Frankly, I generally strongly dislike Indian food because it is always too spicy and hurts my stomach.  Every time I have been to an Indian restaurant and requested a dish that is not spicy at all, it always still comes out spicy.  I knew that Josh had been ithching to try Darjeeling, and it was one of the restaurants where this couple had suggested meeting.  Hey, the Chinese food here is certainly different from home, maybe the Indian food is different too.

Lamb Curry

Aside from having a very nice time with the couple, the food was actually fantastic!   The restaurant provided a very authentic Indian atmosphere.  It smelled of Indian spices, was decorated with Indian decor, and played soft Indian music in the background.  I had expected that the restaurant would be packed with people, however, it was fairly quiet and provided a nice ambiance for a double date.

This was our first double date since we’ve been in Paris.  We felt like Lily and Marshal in the couple’s friends episode of How I Met Your Mother- “Do you think they liked us? Will they want to hang out with us again?  How do I look?”

Josh and I ordered delicious and freshly baked Naan, a traditional Indian light and fluffy bread (4 euro).  Since many Indian dishes are served in a thick sauce (curry sauce for example), naan is a perfect addition to the meal for dipping.  I ordered the Badami Chicken Korma (14 euro), which was chunks of boneless chicken cooked in a thick almond flavored sauce and white rice (3.50 euro).  Josh ordered Mushroom Murgh (14 euro) chunks of white meat chicken in a smooth cashew nut gravy, and white rice cooked with vegetables (4.50 euro).  Both of our dishes were infused with flavor, and as per my request, they were not spicy.  This is the first Indian restaurant that I thoroughly enjoyed and I would certainly go back again.  There are more than enough items on the menu that appeal to genuine spicy Indian food lovers as well.  The couple also texted us after dinner to tell us what a nice time they had so the evening was a success on two fronts!

Chicken Murgh Curry (spicy)

Sine we’ve moved to the 17th arrondissement and live about a 10 minute walk from Darjeeling, we eat there about once every two weeks.  I love it because it’s delicious, not spicy Indian food and Josh could eat Indian food every day without getting sick of it.  Although the prices at the restaurant are expensive, they offer an excellent deal for their Shabbas take out special.  In our case, we have ordered 4 different chicken curries and a rice for only 30 euro, which is about half of what that would cost at the restaurant.


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