Izaaki: 35 Rue Lafayette, Paris 75009

Tonight we went to Izaaki, a restaurant not far from Josh’s office that came highly recommended to me by my French friend Eliana.  It was late and we wanted to go somewhere conveniently close to Josh’s office.  The décor was Japanese, as were many of the servers.  None of the servers spoke any English.  The menu was very pricey, and the portions were very small.  After tonight, I can understand how the French are able to stay thin.  Josh and I had just worked out at the gym, so we were both hungry.  Josh was so ravenously hungry that he accidently poured water all over the table when he picked up the pitcher to pour for me.  My dish was actually quite delicious.  It was a tempura-fried chicken with soy dipping sauce and a side of Pad Thai (23 euro).  Josh’s dish was small pieces of chicken that came served in a pot and was drowned in some kind of coconut sauce (26 euro).  The chicken pieces actually looked raw, and unappetizing.  We thought that perhaps the chicken is supposed to cook in the sauce after it’s served.  Josh was so hungry, that instead of sending it back as I had suggested, he continued to eat what we thought could very well be raw pieces of chicken.  We figured out that the reason the pieces were so pink in color is that they were dark meat chicken.  This was confusing since the menu specifically said poulet blanc, meaning white meat chicken.  We decided that although my dish was great, the food definitely was not worth the high prices.  If we ever decide to eat here again, it will not be following a trip to the gym!


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