Missada: 45 Rue Laugier Paris 75017

Tonight we ended up at a Chinese restaurant in the 17th arrondisement.  We hadn’t made up our minds about where we were going to eat, but I had really been craving Chinese food since arriving in Paris.  I was also really curious to see the differences between Chinese food in America and Chinese food in France.   The restaurant was nicely decorated and fairly packed.  It was 10pm when we arrived, and the majority of people eat dinner in Paris between 8pm and 10:30pm.

My caramel chicken

We noticed that generally, the prices of Kosher restaurants in the 17th are significantly higher than those of restaurants in the 11th. The prices at Missada were reasonable.  I don’t know why, but I have yet to find Chicken with Broccoli on a Kosher Chinese restaurant menu in Paris.   I jumped for joy when I saw sesame chicken on the menu, since it is my favorite Chinese dish! (at least in the U.S)  We decided to share the sesame chicken (12 euro) and a chicken sautéed with onions and a savory honey sauce (13 euro).

Caramel Chicken

The sesame chicken was not what I had expected (a deep fried chicken covered in sesame seeds and sweet brown sauce right??!)  The dish came with chunks of plain deep fried battered chicken with sesame seeds and a ketchup-mayonnaise dipping sauce on the side.  Since I did not want to eat it, and Josh did not feel comfortable sending it back (as is often the case), he ate the sesame chicken and I ate the honey chicken.  It was really quite delicious, as it was covered in a semi-thick sweet sauce, which was exactly what I was in the mood for.  The sauce was also a fabulous dipping sauce for the “sesame chicken.”  I ate my chicken with a small side of sticky rice (4 euro), which was sweet and quite delicious.  To give you an idea of how much I like sticky rice, I used to go to the sushi station at weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc and ask the sushi rollers for just a ball of plain sticky rice.  At the Asian restaurants in Paris, rice never comes included with the dish.  There is always an additional charge of between 4 and 8 Euro (depending on the type) for a side of rice. The types of rice that I have seen on almost every menu are plain white rice, sticky rice, garlic rice, rice with egg, rice with fake shell fish, and rice with beef.  There is never an option for brown rice.

We were both so stuffed at the end of our meal, but were lured in to ordering dessert.  We ordered beignet banana (7 euro), a dessert that consists of bananas, deep fried in a bourbon coated batter, served with vanilla ice cream.  With exception to the anticlimactic presentation of the sesame chicken, we were very satisfied with the food at Missada and will definitely go back.

August 2011:

Fried Chicken Dumplings with a heavy mayo dipping sauce

I took my parents and sister who were visiting us to Missada for dinner.  Everyone was craving Chinese food, although I warned them that French Chinese food might not fill their craving for American style Chinese food.  My mom was about to order sesame chicken, but in Paris, the sesame chicken is small pieces of breaded chicken coated with sesame seeds, so she passed on that.

Josh started with a soup Vermacelli, which he always orders at Sushi Express.  As you can see from the photo, the noodles in his soup kind of looked like squid tentacles.  He said that the soup was bland and not nearly as tasty as at Sushi Express.  My sister, mom, and I shared the fried chicken dumplings.  They were deep fried, crunchy and eggroll like.  They came with a very mayonnaisey and creamy heavy dipping sauce (not at all Asian).  I preferred the dumplings without the dip.

Chicken with Black mushrooms (tasted like it's meant for South Beach diet)

For mains, my mom and dad both ordered chicken with black mushrooms.  The dish looked much better than it tasted.  It tasted like a diet and sodium free chicken, to which my mom added a ton of soy sauce to enhance the flavor.  I ordered the chicken with honey sauce and my sister and Josh ordered caramel chicken, which was served with cooked green and white onions.  Josh ordered is caramel chicken extra spicy and when my mom tasted it, it was so spicy that she started choking.  My chicken was sweet but not as sweet as my sister’s honey chicken.  It was served with strings of cooked onions (a little overkill on the onions).  In contrast to the chicken with black mushrooms, the sauce on my chicken was flavorful and thick, but the chicken tasted a bit rubbery and undercooked.

I have never seen a Chicken with Broccoli on any Chinese food restaurants in Paris- a favorite dish of mine back at home!  We all ordered the sticky rice with our meals, which was quite delicious and a nice change from the more dry riz nature that we normally order with our chinese or Indian food (I have never seen a brown rice option to this day).  The restaurant was hopping with people and fully packed inside and outside on the patio by the time we left at around 9:45.  9:30/10pm is about the the peak dinner time for the restaurants here.  There were only 3 waiters so by the time we were ready to leave, it took us a very long time to grab the check.  The servers were very nice and tried to speak English to my family.


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