Pizza Gina: 256 Boulevard Voltaire, Paris 75011

On my first night in Paris, we went to Pizza Gina, a cute dairy kosher restaurant on Blvd Voltaire.  The restaurant was not fancy at all, but appeared to be very clean.  The menu was nice with a variety of pizzas and pastas and prices were reasonable.  Josh and I shared a pizza topped with eggplant and onions (10 Euro), and a pasta dish with tomato sauce and mock shrimp (13 Euro).  It’s funny because the general “Pizza Margarita” at many restaurants in Paris has olives.  It is seldom easy to find just a regular pizza with sauce, cheese, basil and garlic.  The portions were very large and the food was tasty.  We both especially enjoyed the pizza.  The cheese tasted very fresh, the sauce was very flavorful, and the crust was thick and not too charred on the bottom (as I find is typical of pizza in Europe).  The tomato sauce on the pasta was also delicious, but the mock shrimp was way too fishy.  We also ordered a bottle of a Rose wine and toasted to the beginning of our lives together in Paris and to a growing relationship.   After a long day of traveling, it felt nice to sit back and enjoy a rich glass of wine.


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