Yun Pana: 115 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris

Sesame Chicken!! J'Adore!!

If you don’t notice a theme, we are currently on an Asian restaurant rampage.  I am very surprised at how popular Asian cuisine is in Paris, especially Sushi!  There are a tremendous number of Chinese and Japanese kosher restaurants in Paris.  The menu sounded outrageous, and the picture of the sesame chicken displayed on the menu looked like proper sesame chicken the way I love it!  It was 8:30pm, the restaurant was packed, and there was only one server on duty.  The service was therefore pretty lousy, and it took what felt like forever for the server to come over and take our order.  I tried to order my dish in French, but apparently I butchered every word, since he did not understand anything that I asked for.  For example, the word sesame is spelled the same as it is in English, but in French, the “ee” sound at the end of the word is not pronounced.  I kept saying poullet sesame incorrectly (actually pronounced poo-lay ses-am), and I had to point to the menu for the waiter to comprehend my request.  I still think it’s always worth it to try, and now I know the correct pronunciation!

We started with a bottle of merlot and ordered the sesame chicken (12 Euro), chicken with cashews (13 Euro), and two sides of rice to share.  The food was delicious, but the portions were smaller than what one would receive at a Chinese restaurant in America.  The sauce on the sesame chicken was an almost transparent colored thick sweet sauce, but it was very good.  The picture above is from the menu, and the call looks deceivingly brown.  It was actually must lighter than this.  I would highly recommend the food at this restaurant and hope that next time we go, there will be more than one waiter on duty.  I would also recommend ordering more than one entrée per person if you are hungry.


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