Il Conte: 47 Avenue Raymond Poincare, Paris 75016

We were supposed to go to Yapanika Japan on 2 Rue Sontay, 75016 to meet Yoni (the glasses store owner from an earlier blog entry).  Yoni and Josh are the same age and I wanted to introduce them.  Since Josh works all the time, I need to be his social arm.  Without my social networking, he would not make any friends in Paris.  When we arrived, the restaurant was closed.  Yoni suggested that we go to Il Conte instead, since it was only five minutes away.   I have already been to the Il Conte in the Champs-Elyeeses two times, and was hoping to be able to try something different, but I really loved their eggplant parmesan and their bread, so was happy to go back.

Trio of Pastas (I ordered the next time we came here)

This location in the 16th arrondissement has a much more formal interior than the other one.  It felt more upscale and classy, which is no surprise since the 16th arrondissement is recognized as one of the wealthiest areas of Paris.

Penne with tomato sauce, eggplant, and mozzarella

I ordered something new this time.  The pizza actually looked amazing, but I had pizza for dinner last night, as well as for lunch today.  I ordered the penne with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and eggplant (14 euro).  It was really delicious!!  The sauce had a perfect amount of salt and was full of flavor.  The tomato sauces that Il Conte uses have a strong olive oil base, which enhances flavor tremendously whilst also killing your arteries.  Don’t let the sauce deceive you!  The cheese tasted wonderfully fresh and the eggplant was sautéed to perfection.

Josh ordered the penne with cooked tuna and arrabiata sauce (14 euro).  He liked his dish, but thought the sauce was a little too spicy- it was very spicy.  There were also olives in his dish, which he pushed to the side.  We also ordered a pitcher of red wine to share between the two of us, although Josh drank most of it, got really tipsy, and kept telling me how beautiful I am.  He gets very affectionate when he is intoxicated.

Yoni ordered pesto pasta (10 euro), which looked really good.  For dessert we ordered the house profita rolls (8.50 euro).  They seemed to have been the house specialty, since people all around us were ordering.  There were four rolls stuffed with vanilla ice cream and topped with warm chocolate mocha syrup.   The ice cream tasted non dairy, since its consistency was more icy than creamy.  Still, the presentation was mouth watering, and I still licked my plate clean! Even though I had already eaten at Il Conte, the ambiances were very different and this still felt like a new dining experience

My Penne alla siciliana (sauce tomate, aubergines, basilic, Mozarella)


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