Il Palazzo: 17 Rue La Fayette, Paris 75009

We decided to go to a movie tonight near the Opera area, so we found a restaurant not far from the theatre.  We ate at Il Palazzo, a Kosher upscale Italian restaurant in the 9th arrondissement on rue Lafayette.  It was not particularly elegant inside, but it had a sleek and modern décor.  The waiter was totally flirty and smiled at me every time he walked passed our table.  We ordered a Rose wine tonight and it was the same exact bottle that we got the first night, when we ate at Pizza Gina and the night we ate at Yun Pana.  The Kosher restaurants must use the same brands!

Farfalle al Tonno



I wasn’t particularly hungry, so I just ordered bread with a pesto and olive oil dip (5 euro) and an apple tart (8 euro).  The pesto dip had a great flavor but the bread was kind of hard and looked like typical “french bread” from a bakery in NYC (like the French bread at Zabars).  Josh ordered pasta in tomato sauce with dried tomatoes and cooked tuna (14 euro).  He enjoyed his dish a lot and deemed in a great deal since the Tuna entrée was almost double the price.

Overall, the prices are reasonable and the food was a net success.  We will probably go back to Il Palazzo again after we test out a few more Kosher restaurants.


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