Kavod: 26 Rue Jean Mermoz, Paris 75008

During Shabbat Shirley’s family told us that Kadosh was one of the best Kosher restaurants in Paris.  It is in the 8th arrondisment, near the Champs Elysees.  After Josh and I got out of our movie, we decided to check out the restaurant.   We arrived at Kadosh at 10pm.  This was the most expensive restaurant that we have eaten at since we have been here.  The menu was very gourmet.  Most of the appetizers were served with foi gras, which is a common delicacy here in Paris, consisting mainly of chopped duck liver.  There were all different cuts of steaks, duck, lamb, and various types of fish.   There were no chicken options on the menu, which is typical of many of the more expensive upscale restaurants.  Chicken must just not be as appealing to the French palate as other meats are (as indicated at our Shabbat meals).

The interior of the restaurant was very pretty, and was illuminated with neon lighting (but not tacky at all).  The tables were covered with white tablecloths, and even the cutlery was formal.  We were both dressed more causual than most other people at the restaurant.  Our waiters spoke English, as did many of the customers in the restaurant.  They also gave us an English menu.  This is probably because it is one of those restaurants that is recommended to tourists as a must go to.   The couple next to us asked us what is typical for a tip in Paris.  I told him that the general way is not to tip, since tax and tip are included in the menu prices.  However, if you want to be generous, you can leave a 5% tip.   My ability to advise them made me feel like such a local!

Ordering food at a restaurant with a waiter who speaks English is so much less stressful than struggling to order in French and not understanding most of the items on the menu.  Usually, Josh and I sit at our table with a dictionary in hand and it takes us a long time to figure out what we want since we keep having to look up words. Hopefully, something is at least sinking into our brains.

Josh's Rib Eye

Josh ordered the Rib Eye Steak (33 euro) with a side of roasted potatoes and I ordered the sesame crusted Tuna Steak (29 euro) with a side of french fries.   I was going to order a fried chicken salad, but they only served iceberg lettuce and I only enjoy eating a salad with either mixed greens or spinach leaves.  Both of our steaks were quite large in size.  The man sitting behind us ordered a steak that looked like the size of an entire heifer! (not really, but it was an enormous fillet!)  Although I ordered my tuna cooked medium well, it was medium rare.  I sent it back to be cooked through, and the waiter was extremely gracious about preparing it to my satisfaction.  My tuna tasted quite bland and so I had to douse it up myself.  I squeezed some lemon on it, added salt, and dipped it in the 4 flavored sauces that came on the side of Josh’s steak (shallot, mushroom, pepper, and garlic).  The shallot sauce particularly gave it a really yummy flavor.  Josh really enjoyed his steak, and couldn’t even finish it since he was so full.  He enjoyed dipping his steak in the pepper sauce.  Both my fries and Josh’s potatoes were very delicious and crispy.

My Sesame Crusted Tuna

We certainly would not be able to afford eating out at a restaurant of this caliber every night, but it would be a nice place to come back to on a more special occasion.  I wouldn’t enjoy eating this type of fancy food every night anyways.  However, the atmosphere is serene, the décor is sophisticated, and the service was very satisfactory. Next time, I’ll make sure to get more dressed up!


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