Le Lotus de Nissaine: 39 Rue Amelot, Paris 75011

Dinner tonight receives a huge thumbs down.   We ate at a Chinese/Japanese restaurant.  There are a lot more Kosher Asian restaurants in Paris than there are in NYC, and they are really very hit or miss.  The restaurant had a Japanese interior décor and was pretty busy considering we didn’t get there until 10:30.

The first negative element of our experience was that despite the several open tables in the front of the restaurant, they stuck us all the way in the back.  Sitting in the way back of a restaurant normally guarantees that the service is going to suck.  Our server did not come over to take our order, even after we motioned to him that we were ready.  He came to our table more than 15 minutes after we sat down and while we were in the middle of placing our order, he left to go take another table’s order.  He said “I’ll be right back,” and just peaced.  Bizzare!

We ordered chicken dumplings to start with (7 euro).  I thought that they tasted rather plain, but Josh liked them (he was also starving so he would have liked almost anything).  For our mains, I ordered a dragon roll (7 euro) and Josh and I shared the general tso’s chicken (13 euro) and the caramelized tangy chicken (11 euro).  The chicken dishes looked amazing.   They were both breaded and deep fried chunks of chicken, covered in thick sauces, just the way I like it.  Looks can be quite deceiving. Every chicken chunk was made with dark meat chicken, and the chewy and slimy consistency got more nauseating with every bite.  The caramelized tangy chicken’s sauce was good enough to slightly mask the ucky texture of the chicken, but we could not say the same for the general tso’s sauce.  General tso’s is supposed to be sweet and slightly citrusy, but this sauce was obnoxiously salty.  My dragon roll was also a let down.  I love tempura crusted cooked sushi (my favorite is the Pink Dragon Roll at Prime Sushi in Miami!!)  This roll was like 75% tempura and rice and I could barely taste the fish or the avocado inside.  I may as well have ordered rice balls coated in deep fried flour.  It also had a very strange consistency, as it was not crunchy at all but rather very mushy.

When the waiter came to clear our plates, we asked if the chicken was dark meat.  It was pretty humorous because he nodded and pointed to his thigh to illustrate to us which part of the chicken we had eaten.  Had we requested white meat chicken, we could have gotten that.  If we ever do decide to come back to Le Lotus de Nissane, we will make sure to order everything with white meat chicken.

Epilogue to this entry: I woke up in the middle of the night with terrible food poisoning from dinner.  I WILL NOT be going back to Le Lotus de Nissane again.


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