Le Paradis du Fruit

Le Paradis du Fruit is Kosher but there are many vegetarian options and delectable desserts.  I recently found out that the franchise owner is actually Jewish, and noticed that he closed all of the restaurants on Yom Kippur, which makes me like this restaurant even more!  The restaurant chain has 15 locations throughout Paris, so wherever you are, you can probably find one not too far away.   Josh and I have eaten at several locations, and we have seen Jews wearing Kippot and eating dessert there.  It’s also open later night than most restaurants.  During the week, it is open until midnight and on Saturday until 2am!  So when Shabbat in Paris ends at 11pm during the summers, it is pretty much the go-to place for Josh and me to at least step out of the apartment and grab a yummy dessert before turning in for bed!

In one of my earlier entries, I mentioned that while strolling around the Bastille, Josh spotted Le Paradis du Fruit for the first time and noticed frozen yogurt on the menu.   It was already after 11pm, we were both very hungry, and most of the Kosher restaurants were closed.  We went back to the spot to look at the rest of the menu.  There were many vegetarian and healthy options.  The menu looked delicious and was priced well.  It reminded me of an American restaurant’s menu more than any other restaurant we had eaten at thus far.

We sat inside since everyone outside was smoking cigarettes.  As we were browsing the menu and debating over what to order (there were so many things that we wanted to try), we could not help but notice all of the scrumptious looking desserts and smoothies that were coming out of the kitchen.  There was one specific dessert that many people were ordering- an enormous cup of fresh tropical fruits topped with iced cream, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce.  It is hands down the most popular dessert- the house specialty!  The dessert menu was very extensive and included smoothies, frozen treats, coffee creations, and a variety of warm drinks.   They even had a non fat cheesecake!  My favorite dessert is the “Yolita Sublissima,” which is in actuality a sublime frozen yogurt delight!  The tall glass consists of a plain flavored frozen yogurt base followed by a thick layer of raspberry compote, another layer of fro yo, a layer of muesli and honey, another layer of fro yo, and topped with a heavy drizzle of more raspberry compote.  There are also sliced strawberries and bananas dispersed throughout each layer.  It costs 9 euro but totally hits the spot and makes for a great post Shabbat Saturday night snack!

The restaurant also has an English menu, which always makes the ordering process easier! A green label is marked next to low fat and an orange label next to high fat options.  The calorie content is also listed next to some of the healthy options.  This is the only time I have seen this in Paris.  In NYC, almost every chain eatery has the calorie count listed next to the food.  It makes it so much less fun to eat when you know how many calories you are consuming!

We both ordered a very cool ‘create your own plate’ concept (14 euro each):
First you have to choose 3 tapas from a list of 16 options.   Then you choose one side dish from a list of 5 options.  Finally, you choose one salad dressing from a list of three.  Josh ordered a salmon skewer, guacamole, a cup of gazpacho, a side of fries, and honey mustard dressing with his salad.  I ordered the salmon skewer, slices of pita bread with honey, raisins, walnuts and feta cheese, eggplant puree, a side of fries, and the honey mustard dressing for my salad.  They were out of the eggplant puree, so they brought me hummus instead.   I normally don’t like hummus, but this one was delicious!  It was thick and tasted more like chickpeas than other hummus that I’ve tasted (I love chickpeas)!  It also made for a great dip for the fries.  The guacamole was not very good, and definitely didn’t taste like authentic Mexican gauc.

After my meal, I ordered a cappuccino and low fat “Starlight Cheesecake” topped with fresh fruit and a raspberry fruit sauce.  The cheesecake tasted more like thick whipped cream and I could not sense any cream cheese flavor.  I learned later from Audrey that the French don’t use cream cheese in their baking but rather, fromage blanc which is basically the same thing as yogurt.   This is why if you visit France, you will notice that the cheesecake at most patisseries does not look like American cheesecake.  However, this is absolutely one of the only (if not the only) restaurants in Paris that serves low fat cheese cake.  The cappuccino was like the size of my pinky.  I thought that since the food at this restaurant seemed so American, their mug sizes might be normal, especially since the dessert drinks were quite large.   Yet, I am still in Paris and this is not Starbucks!  We really liked this restaurant because it reminded us of the kind of food that we would find at a restaurant in NYC.   It’s also in a fun and lively part of town and a great place to rendez vous with friends for creative and delicious desserts and cocktails.  The only negative- despite the healthy reputation of Le Paradis du Fruit, they don’t carry skim milk! 🙂


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