Le Shine: 78 Avenue des Ternes, Paris 75017

I went to meet up with Josh and Anton after a meeting that they had in the 17th arrondissement.  We walked over to Ave des Ternes afterwards, since there are a couple of Kosher restaurants on the street.  Most of the time, Josh and I don’t have a specific restaurant in mind before we go out for dinner.  There are so many Kosher restaurants concentrated in certain areas of Paris that you can just select an area and browse the restaurants until you find one that appeals to your palate.

We were drawn to Le Shine because its interior looked really modern and chic from outside.  We didn’t even look at the menu and made a decision to stay.  It was 7pm- the time when most French restaurants re-open for dinner.  They told us that we would have to come back because they weren’t serving until 7:30, but then they sat two customers who walked in together, so we insisted on being seated.

It was a Chinese restaurant and had a separate menu for sushi.  Every time I eat at a Chinese restaurant in Paris, I continue to be intrigued by the fairly petit serving size, in comparison to the enormous cartons that you get at most Chinese food restaurants in the U.S.    My first instinct was to order sesame chicken, but then I realized that every time I order sesame chicken in Paris, it is different from what I’m used to and I have wanted to send it back (but I never did- even that time that it was all dark meat at the place that gave me food poisoning!)  The waiter told me that the sesame chicken is covered in a white sauce.  So far, every restaurant has served a completely different version of what they call sesame chicken.

We started with a glass of wine, The wine was very nice, but they did not bring us wine glasses even though we asked for them several times.  I ordered chicken with cashews (13 euro)- the waiter’s recommendation- and fried rice with vegetables (5.50 euro).  I thoroughly enjoyed the chicken with cashews at Yun Pana, so I figured this would be a safe order.  Josh ordered Caramelized Chicken (13 euro) with Cantonese rice (5.50 euro) and Anton ordered Thai Chicken (14 euro).

Josh loved his chicken.  It was chunks of white meat coated in flour and deep fried in a sweet sauce.  It actually kind of tasted like sesame chicken a la United States.  My chicken was poorly prepared!  The pieces were rubbery and undercooked and the sauce was remotely flavorless.  This time, I decided to send my food back, especially because the restaurant wasn’t crazily bustling with people. Since we ate dinner on the earlier side, the restaurant was not overly crowded during the duration of our meal.  I ordered the same dish as Josh instead, and was extremely please with my food!  The waitress was also very nice about letting me order something else, which was very refreshing.  I normally don’t send things back because the waiters don’t have a great track record of being customer service oriented.  I would recommend Le Shine and would definitely go back for another coated chicken dish!


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