Les Ailes: 34 Rue Richer, Paris 75009

Josh, Anton and I went to Les Ailes near their office.  We had heard that the food here was fantastic.  It was late in the evening and freezing outside tonight, so all I really cared about was going somewhere close. Josh had already eaten here once for Lunch and liked his food.

I was inspired by my French classes and tried to only speak French with the waiter.  I asked him to suggest their best red wine and to recommend the wine that is least dry.  He smiled, and I couldn’t tell if he was amused or just making fun of me.   Either way, you can’t learn a language unless you try to speak it and risk making fun of yourself.  We got a bottle of red wine (19 euro) and it was very dry.  I felt like such a wine conosseur when the waiter poured a bit of wine in my glass to taste before pouring it into the rest of our glasses.  I swirled it around in my glass for a few seconds like the pros.

House Cous Cous with Tajine

Anton ordered the House Cous Cous with vegetables and a tajine stew (18 euro). The funny thing about Anton is that he never orders what he really likes and always ends up eating everyone else’s food.  He either doesn’t order enough or orders what he thinks is low fat and then tries to eat everyone else’s fries!

Josh ordered a hamburger and house potato wedges (16.50 euro) and I ordered chicken nuggets and French fries (14 euro).  My nuggets were supposed to come with a side of plain mayonnaise, but I customized it and asked for the sesame dipping sauce that comes with the chicken wings instead.

Anton was not fond of his dish and kept trying to steal food from Josh and me (no surprise)!  Josh’s burger was mediocre, but he loved his potatoes.

Chicken nuggets (French style)

My chicken nuggets were definitely not how I imagine chicken nuggets  to look.  They were more like breaded chicken chunks, but they were very good and the sesame dipping sauce was a great call!  The fries were just ok- they were not as crispy/greasy as I would have preferred.  The restaurant had a relatively upscale ambiance and was quiet since we did not eat until 10pm.  We were definitely the youngest customers there., unlike the restaurants in the 11th and 17th arrondissements.   Les Ailes also does a Friday night pre-paid dinner.  Josh and I are planning to come back here for Shabbat in a couple of weeks!

Shabbat 2 Weeks Later….

Josh and I ate Shabbat dinner at Les Ailes. Neither of us had time to prepare food this week, and Les Ailes offers a pre-paid three course Friday night dinner every week.  When we lived in NY, we ate Shabbat dinner at Darna and Prime Sushi several times too.  Josh likes eating at restaurants so much that he even can’t resist the opportunity to eat dinner at a restaurant on Shabbat.  I actually enjoyed the meal at Les Ailes more than either of the places in NY.  The food at Prime Ko was just bad, and although the food at Darna was good, the restaurant was packed, and Josh and I could barely hear each other over the boisterous room.  We were also sitting a half an inch away from the arguing brother and sister next to us, and could hear their entire conversation.  The atmosphere at Les Ailes, was definitely lively and filled with people, but we still felt like we had our own private Shabbat dinner.

We had a nice bottle of Merlot and Evion water to drink.  The first course was Challah and various dips and salads (as is typical in Paris) including 2 eggplant salads, Turkish salad, olives, Israeli salad, potato salad, cucumber salad, and sweetened carrots.  There was also salmon in a tomato sauce, and little puff pastries topped with egg salad, tuna, and tomato sauce (which neither Josh no I tasted).  I really love starting off the meal with Challah and dips, and am going to try to incorporate it into my own Shabbat meals!

The main course was a choice of chicken, beef, or lamb.  I got the chicken and Josh got the beef.  The chicken was on the bone and served with a mushroom sauce on top.  The dish came with yellow rice with a bean sauce, and spiced string beans.  Josh’s beef also came with some kind of mushroom sauce, and he had the same side dishes.  The chicken was slightly dry, and the string beans were a bit too spicy (and kind of watery/boiled tasting) but ultimately, the food was very tasty and enjoyable!  What made the meal all the more pleasant was that the wait staff was extremely attentive and friendly.  They kept coming over to see if we needed anything else.  I am not used to this kind of service in Paris.  We joked that the service at Les Ailes is much better on Shabbat than it is during the week.Dessert was a plate of pineapple, strawberries and melon.  I was really hoping for cake as well.  I was stuffed at this point (and very tipsy from drinking half a bottle of wine), but Friday night dinner without dessert to me is like a fish without water.  I had been joking around with the waiter for the duration of the meal, and asked him innocently if there was any cake, fully expecting that he would say no and laugh at me.  He left the table and came back with a plate of desserts!  It never hurts to ask for something right?!  There was a small tiramisu cake, a piece of bakleva, and an orange crunchy thing that tasted like sugar infused fried dough.  This definitely beat having fruit for dessert in my eyes!  I would definitely recommend Les Ailes for Friday night dinner to anyone visiting Paris for Shabbat.  Many of the customers looked like American couples who were there on vacation.  Although dinner was not cheap (40 euro per person), it really provides for a lovely Shabbat evening.

We also took out food from Les Ailes for Saturday lunch.  The take-out was definitely a big failure compared to dinner the previous night.  We bought challah from the Les Ailes bakery, just down the block from the restauarant.  The challah looked good, but it was very dry.  We bought several dips from a kosher grocery store- soo Parisian of us!  After dips and challah, we had meat balls, white rice, sautéed mushrooms, rice in some kind of red tomatoey sauce, and chunks of fried chicken in a sweet teryaki sauce.  The chicken was the only item that Josh and I really liked.  The white rice was plain and dry, the mushrooms were quite flavorless, the red rice tasted like it went sour, and Josh said that the meatballs just tasted bad.  Ironically, the most enjoyable food at our meal were the cheap supermarket dips!  For dessert, we had three cakes from Les Ailes bakery.  We had a chocolate caramel éclair, a chocolate and mocha layered cake, and a strawberry tart with strawberry cream filling.  I don’t think we will ever be doing take-out from Les Ailes again, but we will definitely go back there to dine in.


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2 Responses to Les Ailes: 34 Rue Richer, Paris 75009

  1. Glyn says:

    We had a lovely meal in Les Ailes, in 2011, as well. A very impressive little restuarant. Unfortunately, I’ve been told that it has since closed, which is a great shame.

    • parispalate says:

      Yes, they closed over a year ago and it was sad since they had been around for so long. They own another restaurant called Rafael in the 17em. They serve similar food and also do a nice Shabbat meal!

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