Mi-Va-Mi: 23 Rue des Rosiers, Paris 75004

We were in La Marais on Monday, since it was a French national holiday, and La Marais was the only area of the city where the stores and majority of the restaurants were open.  Since we have already tried L’as du Falafel, we decided to try their competitor across the street.  Clusters of people stand all along the street holding their falafel sandwiches.  It is quite a sight to see!   The line was quite long, but not as long as the one at L’as du falafel.  I got a falafel, and Josh got a shawarma sandwich.  I thought that the falafel balls here were significantly better than they were across the street.  They tasted more crispy and were less spicy (which I prefer).  They were also pretty chinsy with the amount of chumus that they put in our sandwiches, as was L’as du falafel.  Maybe chumus is more epensive in Paris?  Josh’s shawarma had a lot of meat in it, however, all of the pieces at the top were raw.  It was pretty unappetizing, so he discarded almost half of the meat in his sandwich.  The rest of it was cooked and he enjoyed it.  He asked for French fries, as well as eggplant in his shawarma, however, they would only give him one.  In retrospect, I think he wishes he would have ordered the falafel instead, as when he tatsted my sandwhich, he made this face that he makes when he thinks something is absolutely delicioius and said “In my life!”  This is usually what he says while he makes that face.  Anyone in the Gottesman or Borenstein family knows exactly what I’m talking about!  From what I have gathered, L’as Du Falafel is more popular among tourists, while Mi-Va-Mi is more well liked among the local French people.


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