MyBerry: 25 Rue Vielle du Temple, Paris 75004

Actual FroYo in Paris!

It was freezing outside, and I was totally full from my falafel, but we were close to My Berry, which is the only pink-berry or Berry Wild- like fro yo place in all of Paris, so of course, I needed to go!  The store has a small counter against the wall with stools for sitting, and is decorated similarly to many of the Asian frozen yogurt places in NYC.  There are only two flavors to choose from, tart and berry, and a selection of toppings including various fruits, chocolate chips, granola, and crushed nuts.  It’s funny because one of their toppings is rice crispies, which I guess is supposed to be equivalent to the fruity pebbles or captain crunch topping that you can find at pink berry, but it seems bizarre to order rice crispies as a topping. There are no fruity pebbles in Paris.  Obviously, there were no toppings with peanut butter (peanut butter cups, butter finger, etc), as it is near impossible to find peanut butter products here. They also make fruit smoothies and fro yo shakes.  I got a mix of tart and berry with granola on top.  The portions and toppings were extremely generous.  Normally at Pinkberry, I ask them to give me a little more granola, since they are normally so ungenerous with toppings.  Here, I actually thought there was too much granola!  Extra points for that!


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