Winpy: 215 bis Boulevard Voltaire Paris 75011

Winpy is a Kosher crepe restaurant about a ten minute walk away from our apartment on Rue de Charonne.  They serve savory and sweet crepes, and I believe that they are the only Kosher restaurant in Paris that serve solely crepes.  We have walked past Winppy late at night several times, and it has usually been packed.  Tonight, we arrived at 7:30pm, and were the only customers in the restaurant.  7:30 is pretty early for Parisians to eat dinner.  All of the Kosher restaurants on Boulevard Voltaire have a similar look and feel.  Most of them are pretty small, and none of them are particularly pretty or charming.   Most bizarre is that the past several restaurants that I have eaten at on Boulevard Voltaire have allowed beggars to enter and walk around the tables asking customers for money like it’s the norm.  The fancier restaurants in the 16th and 17th arrondissements for example would not permit this.

For dinner tonight, I ordered a savory crepe with tomato sauce, cheese and basil, and Josh ordered a crepe with cheese, garlic and fresh tomatoes (6.50 euro each).   Both of our crepes were made with buckwheat flour and rubbed with butter.  The buckwheat crepe had a deliciously crispy consistency.  They were fresh out of the oven and definitely lived up to my expectations for a good savory crepe!

Nutella, banana, and coconut crepe with vanilla ice cream and Chantilly (whipped cream)

For dessert, we ordered the most expensive crepe on the menu (7.50 euro).  It was a sweet crepe stuffed with nutella, bananas, shredded coconut, and topped with vanilla ice cream.  This crepe was hugely disappointing.  The ice cream definitely tasted like vanilla parve ice cream and there was way too much shredded coconut inside the crepe.  The crepe itself was rather chewy and lacked flavor, instead of having a crispy consistency to compliment the gooey inner ingredients.  It was hard to enjoy the flavors inside, since the outside tasted so elastic.  We would highly recommend the savory crepes at Winpy, but would recommend going somewhere else for sweet crepes.  Trust me, there are plenty of places throughout Paris where you can find them!


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