La Brasserie: 202 Boulevard Voltaire Paris 75011

This is the closest Kosher restaurant to our current apartment in the 11th arrondissement.  It is one of the nicer restaurants on Boulevard Voltaire, yet still small and lacking charm like the rest of them.  However, it is very pleasant to sit in, and our service was great!  Our waiter was extremely attentive and our food came out very quickly.  Most of the menu was hamburgers and other beef dishes.  There were only three chicken dishes, but the one that I ordered was delicious!

Josh had ordered it last time he came here and knew that it was right up my alley.  I ordered the Escalope Normande (18 euro).  There were two large pieces of chicken breast in a savory mushroom sauce, served with frites and green beans.  The fries and the green beans were also extremely tasty.  Josh ordered the Tournedos en Sauce (23 euro), which is a narrow thick piece of steak in a mushroom steak sauce, also served with frites and green beans.  Josh recalled the steak being slightly better a previous time that he had eaten there, but enjoyed in thoroughly nonetheless.  He told me that the time he ordered a hamburger there, it was very weak.  I would certainly recommend this restaurant to steak lovers, and even though the chicken options were minimal, my dish was excellent.


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