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Tonight is the last night of 6 nights staying in a luxurious hotel, before we move out of our vagabond way of life and into our new apartment!  Since the weather is freezing and our hotel room is quite relaxing, we decided it would be fun to order dinner delivered to our room tonight.  The only restaurants that are known to have delivery service in Paris are the sushi restaurants.  Parisians are not big on the delivery and to go concept, as they like to go out and leisurely enjoy their dining experience.

I’m not sure what we were thinking, maybe because our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, but we ordered enough food for four or five people.  The two of us shared and order of Chicken nuggets (6 pieces, 7 euro), Sushi Thon Riz Brun (2 pieces of sashimi, 4.50 euro), Plateau Futo Chicken rolls, (8 pieces, 11 euro), California Frizz Salmon (6 pieces, 6.50 euro), Croustyfish roll (6 pieces, 7 euro), and California Surimi roll (6 pieces, 5 euro).

Josh didnt like the Sushi Thon Riz Brun because it was flavorless and the rice was hard, but he chocked down first because he was starving.  The chicken nuggets were crispy and delicious (not like gross processed fast food chicken nuggets) and came with a sweet duck sauce-like dip.  The filling in the chicken rolls was ground up chicken (like a tuna salad consistency) with a savory orange colored mayo and shredded slices of tomato.  Josh had asked if there was mayonnaise in this roll because we would not have ordered it if we knew there was, and the woman taking our order told us that there wasn’t any.  There must have in fact been more mayonnaise in this roll than any other ingredient in the dish.  Josh and I agreed that the first piece we ate was scrumptious, the second piece, not as enjoyable, and by the time we each ate our third piece, the mushy consistency of the chicken and excessive salty flavor became nauseating.

The california frizz salmon was my favorite dish.  It was thick balls of tempura batter, filled with cooked salmon, sticky rice, and avocato.  I dipped it in a sweet soy sauce and enjoyed every deep fried, oil ridden bite!  This was the perfect dish to order in honor of tonight, the second night of Hannukah.  Who says that deep fried potato pancakes are better than deep fried tempura sushi balls?

The california surimi roll was a very satisfactory classic california roll (with mock crab) and tasted fresh with a nice consistency. The croustyfish roll was also delicious- tempura battered cooked salmon rolls with a layer of avocado on top of the tempura coated outside.  The taste of the avocado slightly overwhelmed the other flavors in this roll, and tasted a little bland, like it was not quite ripe enough.  The cooked salmon in the roll was delicious and there was a perfect amount of tempura coating.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Sushi West to sushi lovers.  They have a wide selection of various types of sushi, their food is fresh and tasty, and if you’re too lazy to go out, they deliver!!  They also have ten locations in Paris, and five outside the city, so they are easy to access.  If you don’t like sushi, there are a few non-sushi items on the menu, but not a great deal of options.


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