Tea by Thé: 2 Place du Palais-Royal Paris 75001

There is a really adorable tea salon across the street from the Louvre.  It bears a tremendous resemblance to the chain Argo Tea in the U.S. (started in Chicago and spread to NYC).  The cafe caught my eye immediately, since it is so un-French looking inside.  It’s modern decor and colorful interior contrasts most French cafes.  They also have skim milk!

Tea by The has a wide selection of herbal teas, creative tea lattes (including a pina coloda tea late!), bubble teas, iced teas, as well as hot and iced coffee drinks.  They also serve yogurt parfaits (very hard to find in Paris and one of my favorite treats!), salads, non-traditional French pastries including delicious cookies, cakes and muffins (the carrot cake muffin was divine, and they even have a whole grain muffin!)  It was no surprise that many of the customers inside were speaking English, and it seemed that there were a handful of American study abroad students doing work on their Mac laptops.


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