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Sushi Express: 1, rue Rennequin 75017 Paris

After Shabbat, Josh, Benjy, and I had plans to check out a bar with a music venue called L’International near Oberkampf in the 11th arrondissement.  We were pretty close to all of the Kosher restaurants on Blvd Voltaire (my old … Continue reading

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Damyel: 93 avenue Villiers 75017 Paris

Before we moved to Paris, we met British boy who grew up in Paris and currently goes to Columbia University.  He still has family in Paris and often visits.  We asked him for tips about living in Paris and the … Continue reading

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Gaspard: 84 Rue Lauriston 75116 Paris

I met Shirley and her friend yesterday for Starbucks in the Opera area.  During our coffee date, I told them about how much my family loved the restaurant Chez Vicky, where we had eaten the evening before.  Her friend told … Continue reading

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Contini: 81, avenue de Wagram 75017 Paris

There is a parve (non dairy) Kosher bakery about a 7 minute walk away from my apartment that I have passed several times and never realized was Kosher.  When my family came to visit, my brother happened upon the bakery … Continue reading

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Osmose: 31, avenue de Versailles 75016 Paris

A good family friend of ours lived in Paris for a year while he studied abroad at Columbia.  Before Josh and I made the big move, we met up with him, as he made himself available to us as a … Continue reading

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Mickey’s Deli: 23 Bis Rue Rosiers 75004 Paris

During our family guided walking tour of the Marais, led by my father who was probably either a tour guide or an encyclopedia in his past life, we stopped at Mickey’s Deli for lunch.  It was freezing outside and we … Continue reading

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Tib’s bayen: 51 Rue Bayen 75017 Paris

Of the 25 + Kosher restaurants in the 17th arrondissement, there are only three dairy ones that I am aware of, and Tib’s is one of them.  Their menu is huge, (even overwhelmingly so) and the restaurant has a casual … Continue reading

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