Mie and You: 10 rue Leon Jost 75017 Paris

My parents are in town this week and staying at the Renaissance hotel near our apartment in the 17th arrondissement.  This was their first night in Paris, and since they were a bit tired and jetlagged, we decided to go out to eat at a restaurant not too far away.  I had never been to Mie and You before, but our Gabi Gross told us that they have delicious pizza, and I am always up for trying a new dairy restaurant!

The restaurant was very small and only one other couple was eating there when we arrived at around 8:30pm.  There are 6 tables and in order to go to the bathroom, you have to leave the restaurant and enter the courtyard.  The bathroom is a teensy room with just a toilet and barely enough room for one person to stand.  The sink is right outside the restaurant’s kitchen.  I’ll definitely make sure I have already gone to the bathroom before I come here next time.  Judging by the amount of time the restaurant owner spent on the phone and the number of times the delivery boy entered and exited the store during the duration of our meal, this restaurant probably does a great deal more deliveries than it does sit-down service.  Still, it was a clean and pleasant venue (not particularly charming) with comfortable leather chairs, bright lighting, and great, personalized service.  The owner runs the entire show.  He operates the restaurant, takes orders over the phone and waits on the table(s) as well.  He is a sweet and amiable man with an adorable lisp and the ability to carry a decent conversation in English, which is more than I can say for most French people in the restaurant service.

There were so many yummy sounding dishes on the menu!  Typical of the items on most Kosher dairy restaurants, they serve a variety of pizzas, salads, pastas, and gratins (a popular French dish covered with melted cheese and typically served with potatoes).  As is common of pizza and pasta in France, many of the dishes had olives and salmon or tuna as toppings (canned dark meat tuna).  My parents were amused that the Pizza La Marguerite had olives (typically just tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese).

I had trouble choosing between the lasagna bolagnaise (with fake meat) and the Pizza La Forestiere since they both sounded so good.  I went with the pizza Forestiere (tomatos, mozzarella, mushrooms, olives, and oregeno), however, I added my own little personalized twist.  Instead of the olives, I asked for garlic, and I also added fake sausages to my pizza.  I must have truly had a craving for fake meat!

Josh ordered Salmon Diablo, a filet of salmon in a spicey tomato sauce, served with a side of seasoned sautéed potatos.   Th diablo sauce was not as spicy as he had hoped it would be, but he enjoyed his fish.  He thought the potatoes were delicious, but extremely oil ridden.

We also shared the eggplant parmesean appetizer, which came with a side salad.  The dish was without breading and had a nice flavor, but I’ve had better non breaded eggplant parm (at Il Conte).  My parents both ordered pizza as well.  My mom got the Forestiere as it’s supposed to come, and my dad ordered the margerite.  We all loved our pizzas!  I’m not sure if it was because we were so hungry or because the restaurant kitchen was having a really good night, but each of our pizzas tasted perfect!  I am so used to pizza in France being sub-par, but my pizza had just the right amount of garlic, the cheese tasted fresh, the right amount of sauce, and the fake sausages gave it a really excellent kick!

We ordered cappuccinos after dinner and were all very full when we were finished.  My dad also had a ball getting to practice his French with the owner.  Since there was no one else in the restaurant when we left, the owner hung around at our table and spoke with us when we were leaving.  He recommended a place for us to get take-out food for Shabbat in the 17th called Dado’s (written about in the blog).

On Saturday evening, we went to a movie which let out close to 10pm, and planned to take my family to Il Conte for dinner.  When we arrived, the restaurant was closed, and it was pouring rain!  We called a few other dairy restaurants, but they were all either closed or closing the kitchen within five minutes.  I was surprised that so much was closing, since it was Saturday evening and people in Paris eat dinner so late.  Even though we had been there already, and there are over 200 restaurants in Paris to try, my parents suggested I call Mie and You again!  They loved the food the previous evening, and we were all anxious to just go somewhere and get out of the heavy rain.  I called and even though the owner said he was closing the kitchen in 10 minutes, he said he would wait for us.  We hopped into cabs and arrived at the restaurant wet and hungry!

I started with a glass of kir (white whine and cassise).  The Kir tasted too much like sugary syrup and was too heavy on the cassise.  I was tempted to try something new, but I ordered the same pizza that I had gotten the time before since I enjoyed it so much.  To my dismay, it was not nearly as good as I had remembered it.  There was not enough garlic or tomato sauce, there was way too much oil, and the cheese was not as soft and melty.  I hope that next time I come here, my pizza will be as good as it was the first time.   The owner told me “you call and order from here and ask for me, David, and I will make sure you are taken care of right away!”


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5 Responses to Mie and You: 10 rue Leon Jost 75017 Paris

  1. Melissa says:

    Hi!! We are visiting Paris and have been reading your blog. You give such great info! I was wondering whether you know of any good places to go for brunch before we leave for the airport tomorrow. Thanks!!!

    • parispalate says:

      Hi Melissa,

      Contini on Avenue Wagram in the 17th arrondissement is a cute place to sit down and have brunch (look at my blog for more details). They have parve pastries and cakes as well as parve/meat sandwiches and quiches. They also serve coffee and tea. It is the type of place that you order at the counter and sit down at a table (more casual). For a more expensive brunch, I have never been but I heard that Raphael (also written about on my blog) in the 17th arrondissement serves a very nice brunch buffet. This will be the more expensive formal option, but it depends what you are looking for. This is also meat/parve. I don’t know of any Kosher dairy bakeries in Paris, unfortunately. There is a bakery on Rue des Rosiers in La Marais that has dairy pastries and croissants, but it is a tiny hole in the wall kind of place with no tables. Whatever you choose, I hope you enjoy!



  2. Maarten says:

    HI Orly-
    I can’t remember now how I ended up on your blog, but it’s been great to poke around for restaurant ideas as I think we live somewhere near you (close to Marché des Ternes). I’m intrigued by the fact that you mention faux meats on the menu at kosher places. I’m a faux vegetarian (fishatarian?), so finding some more vegetarian options that I didn’t know about is great! Thanks.

    • parispalate says:

      Hi Maarten,

      Some other fishatarian restaurants that come to mind are:
      Tib’s bayen: 51 Rue Bayen 75017 Paris (I had a fabulous pasta with faux meat)
      Il Conte: 47 Avenue Raymond Poincare, Paris 75016 and 36 Rue de Berri 75008 (one of my favorite restaurants- delicious pastas and pizzas!)
      Pizza Gina: 256 Boulevard Voltaire, Paris 75011
      Deloren Cafe: 45 Avenue de Friedland 75008 Paris (didn’t like this one at all but their house specialty is pasta with faux crevette)



      • Maarten says:

        Great to have some more tips. We’ll try a few of those when we’re back from holiday travels. Thanks, Orly!

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