Charles Traiteur: 47, rue Jouffroy d’Abbans 75017 Paris

We went to Dados Cafe (a separate blog entry) to pick up prepared food for Shabbas the weekend that my family was in town.  On our walk over, we discovered yet another Charles Traiteur location right next to Dados.  We have also been to the ones in the 16th and 11th arrondissements.  Since Dados did not have any desserts, we returned to Charles Traiteur to purchase desserts for Shabbas.  All of the desserts are parve versions of classic French patisserie.  We also ordered grilled chicken skewers with kind of an Asian marinate and white meat Chinese style chicken in a bamboo and mushroom sauce.  Josh has eaten the skewers from both other locations, so we know that they are delicious!  The bamboo chicken look mouth watering, but the chicken texture was actually very rubbery the flavor was overwhelmingly salty.

It was very crowded in Charles Traiteur on Friday afternoon (Dado’s was kind of empty) and the staff behind the counter were pushy and unfriendly.  A customer service aspect was certainly missing and I got the feeling like they know that they are the best show in town for prepared foods and so they don’t need to give their customers (especially Americans who don’t speak French well) the time of day!

That being said, the guy behind the dessert counter was very friendly and patient with us, as it took us a very long time to decide which desserts we wanted since they all looked soo good and were displayed beautifully behind the case.  Most of the desserts didn’t taste nearly as good as they looked.  We ordered a couple of pistachio tiramisus and a gorgeous tri-colored macaroon contraption, both of which tasted awful.  We ordered a few deeply rich chocolate tarts which were absolutely fantastic, as well as a cake which mocha flavored moose- also quite delicious.

We also thoroughly enjoyed the other desserts that we ordered, including several cream filled pastries.  Of course all of the above classic patisserie items taste better dairy, as they are meant to be.  But overall, they were pretty yummy for parve desserts and their presentation was on par!



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