Dado’s Cafe: 39, rue Jouffroy d’Abbans 75017 Paris

The weekend that my family were here, I didn’t have time to cook Shabbat meals since I was busy touring around Paris with them.  We decided that the best idea would be to take out food from a Kosher trateur (or caterer).  The only Kosher take-out place that I knew of at the time was Charles Trateur (separate post in the blog), but they are very pricey and I wanted to explore other options.  On Thursday evening, we were finishing up our dinner at Mie and You (dairy restaurant in the 17th that my family LOVED) and we asked the manager if he had any recommendations for where to get food for Shabbas.  He immediately recommended Dado’s to us and told us that “it’s the best!”

Some of the side dishes

The following morning, my mom and I walked to Dado’s to get food for Shabbas.  I was surprised to find yet another Charles Tratuer location right next to Dados.  This is the fourth Charles Trateur location that I have visited.  The food selection at Dado’s was fairly limited- especially for gluten free food.  They had three kinds of chicken, fried schnitzel, white meat chicken chunks in a tomatoey sauce (we dubbed it ketchup chicken) and what looked like a whole roasted chicken.  The seafood options were tuna steak covered in a Mediterranean seasoned tomato sauce and fake shrimp (surimi) covered in a sweet tomato sauce.  Surimi is a very popular food item, especially at the kosher dairy restaurants in Paris.  The side dishes were also fairly limited.  Among the choices were white rice with little peas and carrots and tiny pieces of tuna fish (not fresh tuna), string beans, and roasted potatoes.  There were also mini tuna sandwiches and mini parve pizzas with olives and tomato sauce- two items very commonly found at shule kiddushes in Paris.

Impressively delicious salads (especially the ones in the middle and right front and the one in the middle back)

There was a nice selection of salads including potato salad, eggplant and olive salad, sauteed peppers and spicy tomato dips, cole slaw, cucumber salad, and a variety of others.  Since there were no desserts at Dados, we bought a few mains, sides, salads, challah, and wine.  We supplemented the meal with desserts and a few other chicken dishes from Charles Trateur.

The prices at Dado’s were much more reasonable than they were at Charles Trateur, and they were nicer and more customer service oriented there as well.  I would definitely recommend their salads.  The eggplant and pepper salads were especially delicious!  The chicken schnitzel was decent and the ketchup chicken appealed to a very specific kind of palate (if you dislike ketchup, you will certainly dislike the dish).  I really enjoyed the surimi, but fake shrimp is not appealing to everyone!  The side dishes were extremely mediocre and bland.  I would say that the food from Dado’s was overall good (not great) and a nice alternative to cooking for Shabbas.  Still, I have not found Shabbas take out food in Paris that even begins to compare to the food that you can get at some of the places back in the tri-state area!


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