Damyel: 93 avenue Villiers 75017 Paris

Before we moved to Paris, we met British boy who grew up in Paris and currently goes to Columbia University.  He still has family in Paris and often visits.  We asked him for tips about living in Paris and the first tip that he relayed was to go to the Damyel chocolate store.  He described the chocolate at Damyel as the best dark chocolate he has ever had while closing his eyes and licking his lips.  Damyel is a Kosher salon du chocolate with several locations throughout Paris.  I walked to the one nearest my apartment with Benjy before Shabbat so that he could buy gifts for his classmates back at home.

The store is adorned with intricate displays of all kinds of chocolates.  All of chocolate and goodies in the store are parve.  The Damyel brand is labeled on all of the packaging and they make everything in-house.  This is the ideal place to purchase beautifully wrapped chocolate gifts, rich homemade truffles, macaroons, etc for anyone Kosher.  What I often find most frustrating is that Paris is filled with chocolate shops and patisseries with the most amazing looking chocolate and macaroon gift sets, but I can’t ever buy them for friends and family because they don’t have a kashrut sign.  That is why I take so many pictures instead- I must share the experience in whatever way that I can, even if only to allow my readers to see the photos and imagine what the sweets taste like.

Damyel has an upscale and gourmet feel, similar to many of the well known chocolate salons in Paris.  We enjoyed a box of a variety of macaroon flavors ourselves over Shabbat lunch.  My favorites were the vanilla and the pistachio, and my least favorite was the orange.  I would not recommend orange flavored macaroons in general…I also purchased several Damyel brand dark chocolate bars in order to serve chocolate squares with espresso from my Nespresso machine, as is a very customary way to serve espresso in Paris.  There was a wide variety of dark chocolate bars with different fillings and flavors including pistachio, mocha, almond, hazelnut, and mint.

The woman working behind the desk was lovely and very helpful.  Her English was weak (as was our French!) but she was extremely patient and lovely with us- contrasting with the rude cashier at Charles Traiteur, where I had just purchased my take out food for Shabbas.  The other customers at the store were also very friendly to us and browsed the store with smiles across their faces.   The charm of Damyel seemed to emanate across the shop.


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