Sushi Express: 1, rue Rennequin 75017 Paris

After Shabbat, Josh, Benjy, and I had plans to check out a bar with a music venue called L’International near Oberkampf in the 11th arrondissement.  We were pretty close to all of the Kosher restaurants on Blvd Voltaire (my old neighborhood!) so we decided to stop for a quick bite to eat on the way to the bar.  We stopped into Sushi Express, one of the only restaurants in the 11th that Josh and I actually hadn’t eaten at yet.  As it turns out, there is another Sushi Express location only a couple of blocks away from our apartment in the 17th arrondissement.

The menu had sushi has well as chinese food.  It looked similar to many of the other restaurants in the 11th- not particularly charming, small and informal.  The prices at restaurants in the 11th are also usually much less expensive than in the 17th, where we live now.  The prices on the menu reflected this generalization.  Our waitress was also very friendly and her English was excellent!

I ordered two california rolls with cooked salmon (5.50 euro per roll).  They were good, but nothing special- no different and no better than a typical california sushi roll.  Benjy ordered rice with sauteed chicken ($7.50 euro).  The flavor of the rice was delicioius, and he thought his meal was extremely scruptious.  However, it was slightly deceiving to call it Riz Saute Poulet since the dish was mostly rice, eggs, and vegetables, with only a few tiny pieces of chicken.

Josh ordered  Poulet au basilic sauce piquante- Chicken with basil and spicy sauce (9.00 euro) and white rice (3.50 euro).  He said “this dish is on the higher spectrum of Chinese food that I have eaten in Paris.”  The dish came with a ton of vegetables, most of which he left on the plate.   It was the perfect place to grab a quick, easy, and inexpensive bite to eat.

The following night, Josh ordered two spicy tuna rolls from the location near our apartment (6 euro each).  They delivered it very quickly, and the man who took my order over the phone was very friendly!  He did not like it at all and nor did I.  I think he’ll be sticking with the Chinese food!

3 Month later…

We order dinner from Sushi Express at least twice a week!  It is right around the corner from our apartment, it is some of the best Kosher Chinese food that we have had since being in Paris, and the price is right!  I always order either caramel chicken (breaded deep fried chicken in a sweet caramel sauce) or sesame chicken (breaded deep fried chicken in a sweet brown sauce).  Both are extremely tasty and how can you go wrong with a deep fried chicken covered with sauce?!  The caramel chicken however, borders on being too sweet, sometimes almost nauseatingly so.  Josh and I usually order the Thai rice with chicken to share.  It is a fried rice with unbelievable flavor and a moist texture, sauteed with yummy vegetables.


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