L’inte Caffe: 22 Rue de Cambaceres, Paris 75008

Josh and I have been ordering from take out Chinese food from Sushi Express around the corner from our apartment almost every night over the past couple of weeks.  We were both ready for a change of pace at a nice dairy restaurant.  I had wanted to try L’inte cafe for weeks now, since by this point I have discovered that I prefer most of the dairy restaurants in Paris to the meat restaurants.  I hadn’t heard much about it from anyone and the pictures on the website did not look especially nice, however, I am always up for dairy!

The pictures on the website did not do it justice!  The restaurant was actually posh and formal, with romantic lighting and an elegant bar.  As is typical of restaurants in Paris, it was 10pm and the place was packed with people.  The menu looked scrumptious and I was having a difficult time choosing what to order!  The prices were definitely reflective of the upscale ambiance.  This restaurant certainly was not a bargain!

We started with two glasses of Israeli Rose wine (12 euro).  At first, the wine tasted a bit like kiddush wine- overwhelmingly sweet- but after a few sips, it actually became quite delicious.  Since being back from Australia, Josh and I have moved past our fixation on red wines and have incorporated whites and roses into our palates as well.  The white wines in Australia supersede the reds in our general opinions.

Now that Josh is back off of gluten again, it takes some of the fun out of going out for dinner.  We often share entrees and mains like pizza and pasta.  Now, we don’t share main dishes since I don’t want to give up my pizza and pasta.  However, we are more limited in choosing entrees, since those are always more fun to share.  The table next to us ordered the most mouth watering looking fried mozzarella squares with tomato dipping sauce, but we wanted to find something that the two of us could share.  We ordered Fresh Mozzarella wrapped in tomatoes with a balsamic and pesto garnish (13 euro), which seemed to have been one of the only entrees without some sort of breading.  In this case, I was glad that Josh’s celiac pointed us towards this dish.  The mozzarella cheese was so delectable that it tasted like it had just been freshly made in the kitchen.  The cheese was light and possessed a perfectly firm texture.  The pesto and balsamic sauces were rich in flavor and complemented the cheese perfectly.  Josh described the taste of the dish as “having an orgasm in his mouth.”  Excusing the crudeness of his comment, I agreed with his sentiment.

For my main, I ordered Penne alla Norma- penne with tomato sauce, fried eggplant, and melted mozzarella cheese (15 euro).  I find that most kosher dairy restaurants in Paris have this dish, and I have never met a Penne alla Norma that I didn’t like.  This dish was actually the best Penne a la Norma that I have had since being in Paris.  The tomato sauce was wonderfully flavorful and not too oily (as are many tomato sauce based pasta dishes that I have had in Paris).   I was actually sad when I finished the dish and licked my plate so clean that it looked like it had just been run through the dishwasher!

Josh ordered tuna steak with potato gratin (28 euro).  He thoroughly enjoyed his steak and so did I (I tasted a piece).  It was cooked medium well- just as he desired- and possessed a nice, soft texture.  The balsamic marinade gave it a fantastic flavor too.  Josh didn’t love the potatoes gratin because they were overwhelmingly creamy and lacked flavor.  He expected them to have more of a garlic and onion flavor.  He said while eating them that he felt like he was eating pure fat, a description which doesn’t sound genuinely appealing.

We did not order dessert since nothing on the menu  was gluten free and decided it would be more fun to eat dessert together at home than for Josh to sit and watch me eat dessert that he can’t have 😦  However, the table next to us ordered desserts and they all looked delectable.  I hope they taste as good as they looked!  During the meal, I concluded that the food that I ate at L’inte caffe is by far the tastiest food that I have experienced at a Paris dairy Kosher restaurant.


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2 Responses to L’inte Caffe: 22 Rue de Cambaceres, Paris 75008

  1. projetonetz says:

    Very good blog! May I ask you a favor? Can you write what´s the supervision of each place? I´m traveling to Paris in a few weeks and I eat only mehadrin. Thank you in advance.

    • parispalate says:


      Thanks for writing! All the Kosher restaurants here are under the Hashkacha of the Paris Beit Din. You can look out for an orange colored sign that says “Beth Din De Paris” in the windows of the Kosher restaurants. To my knowledge, this sign serves as the teudah for Kosher restaurants here. Enjoy your trip!



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