Deloren Cafe: 45 Avenue de Friedland 75008 Paris

Télephone : 01 43 59 38 26

Josh and I always pass this restaurant on our walk towards the Champs Elysees.  We had not heard anything about it from any local opinions, which does not bode well since the French Jews LOVE speaking about their favorite Kosher restaurants!  Nevertheless, it is close to our apartment, and is usually pretty crowded with people when we pass.

We went to see Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz on the Champs Elyesses tonight.  Since we were both ravenously hungry after the movie, we agreed to give Deloren Cafe a try.  It is around the corner from the theatre and conveniently on the walk back to our apartment anyways.  The menu had varied options (although it was QUITE expensive) and Josh specifically wanted a steak tonight since tomorrow starts the 9 days (which means no eating meat for 9 days straight!)  Although I would always rather eat at a dairy restaurant, there were a few items on the menu that looked appealing (salad chinoise and various pasta dishes).

We chose to sit inside the restaurant, which contrary to the busy terrace area, was very quiet and empty.   It was also colder inside the restaurant than it was outside.  Before the waitress came to take our order, she brought a plate of olives to the table,  In Paris, about 95% of restaurants will bring either a basket of bread, a plate of olives, or both to the table before the meal.  Olives can be extremely hit or miss, but these were good- not too bitter or too strong.

Josh ordered the steak tornadoes (26 euros)- the cut of meat which I’ve noticed he almost alwas orders.   I think it’s because they are meant to be less fatty than other cuts.  His meal was served with fries.  I was debating between the salad chinoise (20 euros) and the pasta with fake shell fish (24 euros).  The salad chinoise would have been a safer choice since most of the meat restaurants in Paris serve it and it tastes more or less the same everywhere.  The waitress informed me that the pasta with fake shell fish is the “house specialty” and the most popular dish on the menu.  It is linguini pasta sauteed in a tomato based sauce with olive oil and white wine, and chunks of surimi (the fish that they put in california roll).  At that point, I couldn’t refuse giving it a go!

The most effective way to know that the food is awful at a restaurant is when you go to dinner so starving that you think anything will taste good and your food still tastes horrible.  My dish actually looked delicious, and they say that food presentation contributes significantly to the way it tastes.  However, my pasta dish actually tasted like nothing.   The sauce had no flavor and the entire dish was extremely bland.  Even the pasta was uncooked- every now and then I struggled to chew on some tough strands of pasta.  I had to add half of the salt shaker to my dish in order to be able to actually tolerate it.  If this is the house specialty, I can’t imagine how poor the rest of the food must be.  Further, 24 euros for a small plate of pasta with fake crab (probably the least expensive kind of fish) is a giant rip off.

Josh's Tornadoes as they were served, doused in sauce

Josh also detested his meat.  It was served covered in a creamy puddle sauce, which was almost drowning the meat.  He had to wipe a large portion of the sauce to the side before taking his first bite.  The tornadoes were tough like leather and I watched his face cringe as he effortfully strained to cut the fillet.  The meat was so chewy that he had to spit a few pieces out that he could not break down with his teeth.  This was a very anticlimactic final meat dining experience for him, but he insisted that at least he won’t be craving meat for the rest of the week after leaving with this taste in his mouth!  His frites were quite good- thick and crunchy, but they needed a great deal of salt to enhance the flavor.  The ross Israeli brand ketchup just wasn’t doing the trick.

Tornadoes post de-saucing

We were both still so unsatisfied and hungry after we finished, but since both of us expressed that we disliked our food more than we had at any Kosher restaurant in Paris thus far, dessert did not look promising!  When we left the restaurant Josh exclaimed “I feel like I got raped by that experience!” We went home and feasted on some gluten free chocolate chip cookies for dessert!


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2 Responses to Deloren Cafe: 45 Avenue de Friedland 75008 Paris

  1. Adam Solomon says:

    That pasta looks horrible. Has any kosher restaurant tried to do a mock escargot?

    • parispalate says:

      Your posts make me laugh every time! And the answer to your question is no- a lot of them do fake shrimp/crab but I have never seen mock escargot. What a good idea though! You should come over here and invent it!

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