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Gaspard: 84 Rue Lauriston 75116 Paris

I met Shirley and her friend yesterday for Starbucks in the Opera area.  During our coffee date, I told them about how much my family loved the restaurant Chez Vicky, where we had eaten the evening before.  Her friend told … Continue reading

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Osmose: 31, avenue de Versailles 75016 Paris

A good family friend of ours lived in Paris for a year while he studied abroad at Columbia.  Before Josh and I made the big move, we met up with him, as he made himself available to us as a … Continue reading

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Sushi West

Tonight is the last night of 6 nights staying in a luxurious hotel, before we move out of our vagabond way of life and into our new apartment!  Since the weather is freezing and our hotel room is quite relaxing, … Continue reading

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Il Conte: 47 Avenue Raymond Poincare, Paris 75016

We were supposed to go to Yapanika Japan on 2 Rue Sontay, 75016 to meet Yoni (the glasses store owner from an earlier blog entry).  Yoni and Josh are the same age and I wanted to introduce them.  Since Josh works all the … Continue reading

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