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Aiko Sushi: 96 Rue Pierre Demours 75017 Paris

Phone: Website: Services: Restaurant, Catering, and Delivery AiKo is a trendy looking Japanese restaurant not far from our apartment which we just recently came across for the first time.  At first, we weren’t sure if it was really … Continue reading

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La Fille Du Boucher: 20 Rue Cardinet 75017 Paris

Telephone: Tonight was my family’s last night in Paris with me and Josh.  We were going to go to Yayin for dinner, but when we arrived at 8pm, it was completely empty.  We decided to eat at La Fille du … Continue reading

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Paris Kosher Restaurants in August

The following is a disclaimer:  For all restaurant advice that I have given to readers during the month of August, please be aware that businesses throughout Paris partly shut down for a few weeks in August.  Business owners close up … Continue reading

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EXKI: 82, Blvd Montparnasse 75014 Paris, CDG and Orly Airports (see website for other locations in Paris) Exki is another restaurant that is not Kosher but that carries a great deal of vegetarian and organic options.  I frequently ate lunch at the restaurant on Boulevard Montparnasse is the 14th arrondissement … Continue reading

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Deloren Cafe: 45 Avenue de Friedland 75008 Paris

Télephone : 01 43 59 38 26 Josh and I always pass this restaurant on our walk towards the Champs Elysees.  We had not heard anything about it from any local opinions, which does not bode well since the French … Continue reading

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Yayin: 33 rue Cardinet 75017 Paris

When we went to the Gross’s for lunch on Shavuot, one of their guests told us about a new Kosher restaurant called The Butcher’s Daughter which had recently opened up in the 17th arrondissement.  He highly recommended it and told … Continue reading

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Le Chateaubriand: 125 rue de Tocqueville 75017 Paris

Josh’s best friend Ryan was visiting us from Arizona.  Like Josh, Ryan is a HUGE foodie and it is clear that part of what makes them such great friends is their common love of food.  Like most foodies who go … Continue reading

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